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Slide .............. About 30,000 Children trap their
fingers in doors each year, more
than 1500 of them need surgery.
................ A finger injury can permanently
inhibit your child from certain
activities due to permanent deformity.

Children Have Injured Their Fingers at Some Point in Time

of Door Related Injuries Are caused to Children below 13 Years

of allInjuries are HighlyPainful and Lead to Permanent Damage

Injuries Happen Within the Home Where No Professional Safety is Installed

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Father’s Love Transformed Into A Product
Our story begins in 2018 when our founder’s (Mr. Manu Verma) daughter turned one year old. He was always concerned about her safety at home and outside. In today’s world he could find all the good protection gears to make his house baby proof but except one – and that was the door blocker. He bought several types of blockers, however none of them sufficed the purpose. Some lacked strength and others lacked functionality. Few of the products were a total disaster in terms of aesthetic look.
Fortunately, our founder hails from a business family, with a vast manufacturing experience exceeding 40 years. Mr. Manu Verma took it upon himself to develop a product that would keep his child safe from one of the riskiest childhood accidents, i.e. door slamming. Finally after a yearlong of numerous ideas and inspirations, he came up with a product that excelled in every department in which the existing products failed. It had the strength of a Stainless-Steel body, high end rubber cushion and a unique functionality called the Adult Override, such that one could close the door without removal of the product and upon opening the door, the product would spring back into action. Voila, it was a success!
Later when friends and family started seeing the product, they inspired our founder to make few for them too. After receiving an overwhelming response from the parents who despise such accidents, Mr. Manu Verma decided to make more for the market. Before we knew, CFS had become a full fledged brand promoting safety for our young ones.
CFS has seen a great response in the education fraternity but households still lack the understanding of the requirement of such a product. Our goal is to make more people aware of the benefits of such a product and save the little fingers that will shape the world tomorrow.

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    CFS Child Furniture Lock | Child Lock for Drawers, Cupboard, Fridge, Cabinet, | Lock for Baby Safety Products (Pack of 10)

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    CFS Child Furniture Lock | Child Lock for Drawers, Cupboard, Fridge, Cabinet, | Lock for Baby Safety Products (Pack of 6)


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    One of the better products available in the market right now. I can sit back and relax while my little one runs carelessly from one door to the next. Easy to install.

    This is a great devise to make our kids and elders safe at home. I have used many devises earlier but undoubtedly this is the best and most trusted.

    I used it for my kids and pets.nobody gets locked or stuck in the doors.